January Culinary Delights

Close-up of a person dipping chocolate into a fondue at Hotel Eldorado

Step into a world of excitement and culinary delights at Eldorado Resort this January! We're thrilled to kick off the year with a lineup of unforgettable events that promise to tantalize your taste buds and immerse you in vibrant celebrations. From the spirited festivities of Robbie Burns Day at Lakeside Dining on January 25th to the debut of Fondue Fridays at Maestro's Mediterranean starting January 26th, we invite you to join us for an extraordinary month filled with indulgence and joy. Read on to discover the details of these thrilling events, each designed to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience. Get ready to savor the flavors of tradition and innovation at Eldorado Resort – where January transforms into a month of culinary magic!  


History of Robbie Burns Day 


                                                                                                 Watercolor painting of Robert Burns used at Hotel Eldorado


Robbie Burns Day, celebrated on January 25th, is a time-honored tradition that pays tribute to the Scottish national poet, Robert Burns. Born in 1759, Burns left an indelible mark on literature with his poetic works, celebrating the beauty of nature, love, and Scottish culture. The tradition of celebrating Robbie Burns Day dates to the early 19th century when a group of Burns' friends gathered to commemorate his life and literary contributions. Today, it has evolved into a global celebration of Scottish heritage, complete with bagpipes, traditional attire, and the iconic "Address to a Haggis."  


Robbie Burns Day Celebration at Lakeside Dining 

At Lakeside Dining, we are proud to be part of this cultural celebration, offering a unique experience to our guests with a lively Happy Hour, bagpipe performances, and delectable Haggis samples. Join us as we honor the legacy of Robert Burns in a truly festive atmosphere. The festivities kick off all day and night in the Lounge, where guests can indulge in a unique culinary experience. Our specials include Scotch Eggs, Bison Carpaccio, Steak & Scotch Pie, and whisky pairings. The Kelowna Bag Pipe Society will enchant the atmosphere with their mesmerizing tunes and a traditional “Address to a Haggis.” Make sure to mark your calendars and come for a lively and festive Happy Hour, complete with Haggis samples after the toast at approximately 4:00 – 4:15 pm. It's an event you won't want to miss! 


Fondue Fridays Debut at Maestro's Mediterranean 

Get ready to elevate your Friday evenings with the debut of Fondue Fridays at Maestro's Mediterranean starting January 26th! Indulge in a delightful evening from 5-9 pm, surrounded by the tempting aromas of cheese and chocolate fondue. We've curated an exquisite fondue experience priced at $90 for two, ensuring you and your companion savor every moment. Our fondue spread includes all the enhancements and flavor bombs you could ever desire, served with your favorite items to dip. Cap off the evening with a mouthwatering dessert fondue that will leave your taste buds dancing. Keep reading for a sneak peek about what delicious foods are featured in this fondue! 


The History of Fondue 


                                                                                                 Watercolor painting of a family dining at Hotel Eldorado


Delve into the rich history of fondue, a culinary delight that has stood the test of time. Fondue originated in Switzerland, with its roots tracing back to the 18th century. Originally a humble peasant dish, fondue gained international popularity in the 20th century and became a symbol of conviviality. The term "fondue" comes from the French word "fondre," meaning "to melt." Traditional Swiss fondue typically consisted of melted cheese served in a communal pot, accompanied by bread for dipping. Over the years, fondue has evolved, embracing various styles such as chocolate fondue for dessert and broth-based fondues for savory options.  


Ultimate Fondue Experience Menu Sneak Peek 


                                                                                                 Couple having meals outdoors at Hotel Eldorado


At Maestro's Mediterranean, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate dining experience for our guests. Our Fondue Fridays promise an evening filled with decadent flavors and unparalleled indulgence. First course of our fondue meal includes the original maestro’s house-made melted cheese fondue, served with Okanagan cured meats, pickled cippolinis, roasted baby potatoes, diced focaccia & soft pretzels. Add a flavor bomb of French onion, Santorini, or truffle, for an extra unique flavour profile, or add extra dipping items including lamb, scallops, prawns, steak, or broccolini! For dessert, we have an delectable milk and dark chocolate fondue, serviced with strawberries, marshmallows, crisp rice cereal treats, diced brownie, and chocolate chip cookies to dunk to your hearts content. This dessert has a few add-ons available as well that you will just have to swing by to discover! 

Whether you're a fondue aficionado or a first-time enthusiast, we are certain that Fondue Fridays will enchant you and make Maestro’s the perfect Kelowna dinner date spot for the weekend. Don't miss out on this cheesy affair and make reservations for a night of pure delight!