What the...EL? with Vincent Born

This week learn what Vincent Born loves about the Hotel Eldorado!

Vincent Born

Who: Vincent Born or “Vinny”

What: Waiter

Where: Kelowna Boy

Why: Enjoys the lifestyle

Taking post at the hostess station while waiting for Vince, it was apparent from the moment he walked in he knew exactly what was going on in the entire dining room. Checking reservations, giving instructions and preparing for the night to come, Vince seamlessly displayed what it means to be a true “veteran” of customer service.

When asked why he chose to apply at the Eldorado in the spring of 1995, Vince said there was more to it than simply a job application. He knew the bartender at the time, Shane Styles; Vince was in between jobs, recently married and in need of solid employment. With previous experience in the Food and Beverage industry he knew how to deliver exceptional customer service.

When he accepted his position at the Hotel Eldorado, Vince was not consciously making a lifetime career decision. His role in the dining room just kind of fell into place and as he puts it, “the rest is history.”

Vince has accumulated through his career many relationships, memories and knowledge, some of which he is willing to share.

A piece of wisdom for new servers, “treat everyone as though they are guests in your own home,” Vince smiles and it feels as though a secret has just been revealed. With that mindset it is easy to see why both new and long time clients are continually requesting him. Vince goes on to explain was he enjoys most about his day to day position.

There are really two things; maintaining long developed relationships, and constantly forging new ones,” Vince describes his warmth towards” the people.”

It is no wonder Vince feels the lyrics “Everybody’s working for the weekend” suit his work situation. After a long shift, Vince likes to sit down at the end of the night with a Coors Light and a nice Steak Tartar to unwind and have some fun hanging out with other staff.

With charisma such as his, it is no wonder Vince has been a welcome employee of the Hotel Eldorado for so long. We hope he will continue to guide new servers in the discipline of wonderful customer service.


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