What the...EL? with Caroline Richards

This week learn what Caroline Richards loves about the Hotel Eldorado!


Who: Caroline Richards or “Sweet Caroline”

What: Front Desk Agent

Where: Grew up in Bishops Stortford, England

Why: The stress free Okanagan life

Back in England, Caroline and her husband led fast paced lives. Stemming from her education in Hospitality, Caroline worked as a Public Relations Consultant. Setting up, advertising, and bringing people together within the ideal ambiance for hotel events was all part of her daily agenda. After years of hard work, Caroline and her family decided it was time for a change.

Repeat searches for the “nicest weather in Canada,” led the Richards family to the Okanagan.

“We came here for a better, less stressful life” Caroline explains.

The Okanagan weather was a huge decision factor for her family. Caroline feels they made the best choice possible as she not only values the climate but the small town feel as well.

“Summer time is always lovely,” reminisces Caroline. She then fills us in on her idea of what makes her position so great:

“The Kelowna summer is a fun time, and brings a different mix of people,” Caroline looks excited. She goes on to say how the hot weather brings out the nice cars, bikers, and vacationers.

Though Caroline feels she now lives a more relaxed life, her PR skills have continued to shine through in her interactions with guests. Caroline shares what she loves most about her position:

“Being there for the people, hearing all the different accents and places guests are from,” describes Caroline.

If you come to the El and Caroline is working the front desk, she will be easily recognizable just look for the English lady who is always smiling. As for the song best describing her at work- Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, no explanation needed.


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