Mom's the Word

The Hotel Eldorado’s take on spoiling your Mother!

The day is nearly upon us: Mother’s day, the one delightful day a year when, finally, it is Mom’s turn to be in the spotlight.

We all have a Mother. She is the one who raised us, bathed us, and is always there when we need her most. Mother’s are often the ones who pass family traditions along throughout time. Continually Mothers bring everyone together as a family for special birthdays and anniversaries. For once, it would be so nice for her to be the one to sit back and be taken care of.

When deciding what to do for your Mother, recall a time when you remember her being the happiest, think: ear to ear smile, tears of joy kind of happy. What were the circumstances, who was present, where was she? All of these instances can come into play when creating a thoughtful experience for your Mother.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to plan for Sunday, May 12 we have a few suggestions. Of course, every mother is unique, but there are a number of ideas you can do to brighten her day. The key to any of the suggestions below is to add your personal touch; keep in mind something only you know will warm your Mother’s heart.

1. Garden with her. Bring her favourite flowers, herbs or vegetable plants home from the nursery and plant them in both yours and her flower bed. Watch them grow throughout the summer.

2. If you (or someone you know) is handy around the house, ask for a list of some things she could use repaired. The time spent with your mother will be well worth the undertaking the project, she might even make you some lemonade!

3. Gather up old photographs from around the house and from other family members. Sit down with your Mother, laugh and share memories the photos conjure up.

4. Prepare a picnic and take her on a hike to a scenic area she has never been before. Walking and chatting is a great way to clear the mind and will be a refreshing way to catch up.

5. For an extra special treat, you could always take your Mother out for a gourmet Sunday Brunch at the Hotel Eldorado. Being shown to your lakeside table and choosing from a sumptuous buffet will surely be a morning she will never forget. If this would appeal to your Mother, ensure a seat for your family by making reservations in advance.

Remember, Mother’s day is not about how much you spend or extravagant gifts. This day in May is meant to be enjoyed; any Mother ultimately just wants more time with her children and grandchildren. This Mother’s day, make it a thoughtful one; plan her day out in advance, round up the family and show your Mom how much you appreciate her.

Happy Mother’s day from all of us at The EL!



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