For the Love of Dad

The Hotel Eldorado’s take on making Father’s day special!

fathers-day-canada.jpg Think back to the first time you rode a bike, casted a fishing line or picked up a baseball glove. Who was there alongside you? Most often, these life events are experienced with a father figure. The man is Dad, always there to lend a helping hand. Most importantly, he is the one who is just a phone call away, always willing to jump on board for the next adventure or take his grandchildren for a day in the park. He rarely shows his soft side, but when you walk down the aisle, hit a home run, or set off to college, he is proud with tears in his eyes.

June 16 is a day to honour your father. Throughout this special day, display gratitude and appreciate all he has taught, listened to, and given. Rarely do Fathers ask for anything in return for the thoughtful actions they take everyday.

“Don’t spend your money on me, anything you give me is fine,” are just a couple responses Father’s typically give when probed for gift ideas. Unlike Mom, Dad does not keep a running tab of personal desires making it harder to determine a great gift. Instead, Fathers give a lot more than they receive and think nothing of it. Considering these circumstances, there must be some wonderful way worthy of showing Dad how much he means to you.

The thing to keep in mind when considering how to plan his special day is to ask, “What does Dad want but never has the time to do or buy?” For many Mr. Fix It’s this is merely an afternoon off. Relaxing in the hammock, casting a rod in the middle of the lake, teeing off with some buddies, or having an afternoon beer in the yard are some things these men usually do not have the opportunity to do. Another great idea for Dad is to cook a meat lover’s dinner; think big juicy mushroom cheeseburgers on the barbeque or a couple T-Bone steaks. Keep this in mind: do and cook what he wants, keep plenty of cold beer nearby and make sure to book tee times in advance.

If getting out of the home is what you are looking for, the Hotel Eldorado has plenty to offer for Fathers. Boat, sea doo, paddleboard, and kayak rentals are available for a retreat on the lake. Also, this Sunday June 16 the El will feature a special Father’s day brunch and we welcome you to join in on the celebrations. Whatever it is you and your Father find yourselves up to; the Hotel Eldorado wishes you a wonderful smile filled weekend!


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